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Combo Pump

combo pumps

Bore well COMBO submersible pump for 6” (150mm) bore well. Applicable for deep bore wells ( 500 to 1330 feet) with low water yield. When Compared to a regular 6”(150mm) bore well pumps , for a 1000 feet depth, HP required for a 6” bore well pump is minimum12.5hp( minimum water discharge is 110 LPM). But when the yield in the bore well is less than 70 LPM, this combo pump requires only 5 hp .



Pump designed and constructed with casing tube and with tie bolt to arrest whirling effect and thus increase the life of the pump.


With low power, high head is achieved. 3hp -235 meters , 5hp-370 mts, 6hp-407 meters. Thus suitable for low yielding bore wells .


Existing V6 motors can be used .


Standardized spares engineered to perfection makes this pump a world class pump



For pumping water from deep bore wells


A regular 6” Bore well motor can be used as prime mover


A low discharge 6” pump of 5hp can be used max up to a depth of 450 feet. But this combo pump of 5hp can used for a depth of 1300 feet. Thus savings in cost and power


Existing 6” motor can be used with this pump


1. Motor = 140mm dia motor 3 hp to 7.5hp Three phase 415 Volts
2. Head Range = up to 407 meters Pumps 100mm (4”) submersible pump
3. Head = up to 407 meters (1330 feet)
4. Discharge = up 540 LPM
5. Power = 3hp to 7.5hp (5.5kw)

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