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Water exists under the Earth’s surface almost everywhere. Water dowsing refers in general to the practice of using a forked stick, rod, pendulum, or similar device to locate underground water. To locate groundwater accurately our experts use Hydrologic, geologic, and geophysical knowledge to determine the depths and extent of the different water-bearing strata and the quantity and quality of water found in each. 



We are one of the India’s No. 1 leading consultants in the field of groundwater exploration.Scientific method is the trusted method for groundwater exploration. The geophysical survey using the electrical resistivity method is the most trusted practice for groundwater explorations. This is both scientific and economical.


1. We identify a suitable station based on the topography of the area
2. We process dip identification through scientific survey compass.
3. We insert probes at various distance depending upon the geological condition of the area.
4. Required amount of electric current is passed through these probes based on the distance allotted.
5. We gather the amount of current conducted and resisted.
6. Using world’s unique formulas an 2d graphing we check the permeability of the resisted layer.
7. Comparing the report with the pre-Bore hole logs and satellite mapping records we process the final report to generate the maximum success.
8. We are keeping up atleast 95% – 98% accuracy based on location.

But due to very little amount of rain fall and poor groundwater recharge, we are unable to give 100% accuracy. But stations selected by us, by any chance fails during drilling 100% produces water when water streams are recharged.

We give words with high confidence due to our complete scientific analysis in bore well point identification system.


bore wel-installation

Pumps Coimbatore ensures correct pump installation and commissioning for optimum pump performance by trained technicians. Correct installation is essential for optimum pump performance. If the installation process is not carried out correctly, pump performance can be cut in half. You will most likely not even notice that anything is amiss, but it could mean that pumps wear out prematurely or money simply slips through your fingers as wasted energy.

Our careful consideration of the Life-Cycle Cost of all our products means that we have control over the real costs of ownership of our pumps – including purchase price, installation, operation, replacement, and even scrap value. All our products are having one year warranty, ensuring financial security for you via an impeccable installation process. We are providing customers with three team of professionals for service. All your suggestions can be registered separately via our website.


repair and maintenance

Motor Repair Services are provided by our experts who have profound knowledge of every aspect of the concerned services. The ever growing demand of Machinery Maintenance Services reflects that authenticity of our services and our credibility.We have appointed a team of experts having an in-depth knowledge of the various aspects of Repairing & Maintenance Services. To cater to the specific demands of the clients, the views and feedbacks are keenly considered and thus implemented in the service. Additionally, we are competent to provide any type of customized Repairing & Maintenance Services.


We introduce ourselves as a prompt motor service provider. We are a company which is well known in the market for the high-quality range of services. Our quality services are rendered to the customers by high qualified employees who are highly skilled and trained to tackle these repairs. Our services can be availed by the customers at very reasonable market rates.

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